Membership Rates

Annual Membership

    • $40 for adults

    • $20 for those under 18 years of age

    • $80 for families (two or more people)

One-time use of trails

    • $5 for adults, $3 for U18 skiers (one-time use payments can be made at the trail head in a donation box or by etransfer to

To Renew Annual Membership

  1. If there are NO CHANGES to your Name(s)/Phone(s)/Email(s), simply Etransfer the appropriate fee for this year to

  2. If there are changes to your information, please complete the New Member process below.

New Members

  1. Download Membership Form (click on file below and save to your device)

  2. Complete Form (markup on your device, or print on paper and fill out with a pen)

  3. Submit completed Form as an attachment to

  4. Send payment via snail mail or e-transfer as per instructions on Form

  5. The club will process your information and reply via email with your membership confirmation

MVNSC New Member Application Form 2022